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As many business owners know, income taxes can be one of the largest business expenses that you and your company may have. High state income tax rates and numerous regulations are the primary reasons that the state of Nevada is one of the fastest growing business hubs in the country. At Henderson Bookkeeping our professionals have helped numerous businesses reap the benefits of doing business in Nevada. We offer complete fully outsourced solutions to safely move your business operations to Nevada.

The State Of Nevada Offers A Variety Of Business Incentives Including:

  • Low-cost operations startup, regulatory, licensing and annual fees
  • Tax advantages
    • No personal income taxes
    • No corporate income taxes
    • No unitary tax
    • No franchise tax
  • Nevada business incentives

Some Of The State Income Tax Regulations Used In Determining Income Tax Filing Requirements Include:

  • Residency location of business owners and employees.
  • Physical location of the place of business.
  • State of registration or incorporation.
  • Mailing address and tax filing address.
  • Location of services being performed included, accounting, operations, sales, etc.
  • Location of accountants, CPAs and attorney's


Whether you are moving to Nevada or simply looking to reap the benefits of Nevada tax laws can provide a full range of tax, accounting and state transition services. Contact Henderson Bookkeeping at [email protected] or call 702-514-4048 to hear how we can assist you and your business.